About ‘FNYRE’


Friends of New York Real Estate (FNYRE) is a New York based non-profit
dedicated to assisting underprivileged children in New York City.  Our
goal is to raise funds and secure in-kind donations for local area charities,
social service organizations and needy children in New York City. With New
York City being the largest and most influential city in America, we believe
it is extremely important to assist all of the underprivileged children in
our own back yard. Our organization specifically reaches out to the real
estate and related professional community to utilize their resources in
support of disadvantaged children by helping them achieve a better quality
of life. We strive to provide joy to these needy children including toys and
other gifts for holidays, summer camps, special trips and events.
Founder: Antinea Rivera

Nereida Rodriguez, Contract Negotiator, School Construction Authority

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