SAVE THE DATE: The Annual FNYRE Gift Drive is December 8th, 2011

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Get ready for the 6th annual “Friends of New York Real Estate” Gift Drive benefit. Honoree(s) Marcus Samuelson of Red Rooster fame, Walt Frazier of the Knicks is a maybe; many wonderful items for raffle tickets from Jazz at Lincoln center, also the fabulous Pontes Restaurant, (aged.),Delmonico’s, will be stimulating our palates with the taste of Wine, spirits and New York City’s cuisine. The event is hosted by the founder of “Friends of New York Real Estate” Antinéa Rivera. For more information about the event, or to arrange a drop-off of toys, please contact or (917) 273-8356.”

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  1. Denise M Hall

    I am a single mother to 4 “special” children. They range from 21 years old to 11 years old and their disabilities and disorders range from Mental Retardation, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Blood Disorder, Hearing Impairments as well as Social, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Physical and Educational delays. They all have psychiatric diagnoses and all are taking several medication daily.
    We have been in a domestic violence situation, have twice been homeless and have been through the NYC shelter system. Through all of this we have struggled to stay together.
    I was introduced to Ms. Antinea Rivera about this time last year when I was searching online for assistance with toys for my children for the holidays and I happened upon her Friends of New York Real Estate charity ( and sent them an email. This was VERY hard for me to do because I had been working to support myself (and later my children) since I was 17 years old and the fact that I was “reduced” to asking for help from strangers was embarrassing and humiliating.
    Antinea never made me feel less for needing help. She responded right away and invited me and my children to a Christmas party that was thrown by (FNYRE) and by the NY Foundling. It was there, at that party, that I would meet Antinea Rivera for the first time. It was also at this party that Antinea introduced me to Alan Shatz from the NY Foundling.
    Although I was not previously affiliated with either charity and although my children and I did not meet the requirements to be eligible for their holiday programs, they BOTH went out of their way to assist me and my children. We were treated like special guests!! We were given toys, food and gift cards that day. I was in tears because I knew the children would have a good Christmas thanks to the care and generosity of these people and the charities they represented. I went home with a grateful heart and a very relieved mind.
    This day was NOT to be the only “miracle” Ms. Rivera was to accomplish in her goal of assisting our family. A day or two after the party, I was to receive a postal letter from a Mr. Anthony Graham from HELP USA and in this letter were even MORE gift cards for clothing, toys, food and electronics!!
    The generosity, the caring, the concern, and the dedication and determination put forth by these people to ensure that my children had the very best Christmas at a time when it was all I could do to keep a roof over our heads was ASTOUNDING and HUMBLING.

    Just recently (in September 2011) I contacted Antinea once more to ask for her assistance in obtaining some school supplies for my children. You see, I was just told that I was unable to work and that I must apply for SSI but, at that time, the SSI was still in the appeals process. Our finances were incredibly strained and it was either pay bills, buy food to eat and keep a roof over our heads or buy school supplies.
    As before, Antinea Rivera took the hand that we reached out to her and, through her assistance, we were once again called in by the NY Foundling and were given a HUGE box full of notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, crayons, etc. There was even two book bags in this big box!! This was everything we needed to start the children off in their school year!! Once AGAIN her assistance had made a HUGE impact on the lives of my children and me.
    Every day, my children and I are forever thankful for Antinea and her friends. They are truly our own “ANGELS”!
    To us, these people epitomize the true spirit of giving, the true meaning of love for children and the truest sense of commitment to those less fortunate. They make our lives better and brighter.
    I hope that, after reading my letter you will see one of the “real” families that are helped by Antinea Rivera, through her charity FNYRE.. I encourage you to help support them in any way possible!!! Their work does SO much for SO many!! Please help other families like mine. Your support can (and WILL) change lives!!!!

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